85 Cut Hem Jeans

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  • SW17061
The Pegador Evander Oversized Tee is an oversized shirt made of comfortable cotton.... more
Product information 85 Cut Hem Jeans (6000237)

The Pegador Evander Oversized Tee is an oversized shirt made of comfortable cotton.

  • Material: cotton
  • Normal fit
  • Color: Vintage Black
  • Manufacturer number: 6061302




About Pegador

The goal of making Pegador not just a fashion brand, but a lifestyle
design was implemented in 2018.
Since then, the young streetwear brand has grown from drop to drop
and was able to further expand her fan base:
Pegador convinces the community with modern, loose cuts,
high-quality materials and the conscience
Street credibility that is transmitted.

Type: Jeans
Gender: unisex
Color: blue
Supplier color name: Blue
Hauptmaterial: Baumwolle
Availability: Online
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Sold out
Sold out
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